Read each story card. Then use the discussion guide to ask a question followed with an answer and motion.


Story Card


Color Sheet


Adventure Book





To Do


1. Kids partner up and sit facing one another, about two feet apart. You can partner with a kid if needed. Say: I’m going to give you and your partner two monkeys who are fighting with each other. Use teamwork to bring them together and help them work it out.


2.Give each pair of kids a paper tray, a dowel rod, and two toy monkeys.


3. Each partner holds one end of the dowel rod to keep it centered over their tray.


4. Kids hang one monkey at each end of the dowel rod.


5. Kids work together, wiggling the dowel rod, to get the monkeys to the center of the dowel rod.


6. Kids continue wiggling the dowel rod to get the monkeys to fall off into the tray at the same time.


7. If a monkey falls off the rod at the wrong time, kids reset and try again.


8. As time allows, play again as a race if you’d like.


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