Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsorship: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I write my sponsored child/family?

You are welcome to write letters and include small, flat items like stickers, coloring pages, etc. As mail services to the areas we serve are not always reliable or too costly, letters are hand delivered by members of our Global Short Term Teams. As a result, delivery of your correspondence may be delayed for several months, depending on scheduled team trips. Before a Global Short Term Team heads to your sponsorship area, you'll receive an email notification.


Mail letters to:

The Cove Church,

Attn: Sponsorship Program

197 Langtree Road • Mooresville, NC 28117



How is my monthly contribution being used?

Your $40 monthly contribution is used to support both the needs of the individual child/family and the sponsorship program as a whole. All sponsorships include: food, clothing, clean water, medical and dental care as needed, and spiritual guidance. A portion of sponsorship funds also supports our local partners.


How old are sponsored children?

The program serves children from the age of four through high school graduation.


Are sponsored children/families ever removed from the program?

Sponsored children graduate from the program once they've completed high school, or if they move to another community, drop out of school, get married, or choose to not participate. A sponsored family is removed from the program once they've been granted refugee status by the United Nations.


How long is a sponsorship commitment? What happens to my sponsored child/family if I cancel my sponsorship?

We encourage you to support your child through high school graduation if possible. However, we understand if you are unable to fulfill the commitment. We are thankful for any resources you are able to give, and be reassured we'll find another sponsor as soon as possible.

What should I do if I want to cancel my sponsorship?

You can contact us at sponsorship@covechurch.org.


What should I do if my sponsored child/family writes about a specific need or concern?

Please let us know! We'll follow up to ensure their needs are met.


How many sponsors can a child/family have?

We have a one-to-one model, but a sponsor can be a family or group as well! You can send a group photo and take turns sending notes of encouragement and letters.

How are children/families selected to participate in the sponsorship program?

Children/families are selected by our global partners who have feet on the ground and can see firsthand the needs of families in their community.


Can I sponsor additional children?

Yes! You are welcome to sponsor as many children as you feel called to!




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