Sponsorship Basics

Sponsorship Basics


Our goal is to be able to raise up leaders both in the church and the community, and to provide sponsored kids with the tools and mentors they need to become devoted Jesus followers and educated providers and leaders for their families. It’s our prayer that this work will ultimately change the trajectory of their lives.


Sponsorship is based on a one person/group to one child model, and is $40 a month. This monthly contribution is used to both support needs of the individual child and the sponsorship program as a whole. In South Africa, this project is overseen by our Cove High Point campus in Hazyview, South Africa. In Egypt, the program is administered with our friends at Healing Grace Ministry.


Currently, all children in our South Africa program are matched with a sponsor, but many children in our Egypt program are still waiting!


Sponsor A Child



Global Sponsorship Components
• Relationships
• Education
• Wellness (Health, Water, Food)


Within these three areas, projects and activities will vary depending on local needs and individual needs of the child and project area, but may include:


Focus on relationships with:
• God
• Their families
• Their community


Arrange for basic needs and additional support:
• School uniforms
• After school programs
• ESL classes / Vocational training

Coordinate access to necessary medical services:
• Preventative medicine
• Basic hygiene
• Dental checkups
• Eye glasses


Target access to this basic essential in areas like:
• Water purification/filtration
• Wells and water access at project locations 


Provide nutrition children need through:
• Grocery parcels for children’s homes
• Frequent prepared meals at project sites


What’s this mean for an individual child?
All sponsored children will be able to participate in after school programs where food, clean water, help with schoolwork and spiritual guidance are available. Children will receive medical and dental care as necessary, as well as school uniforms and other clothing when needed. Sponsorship contributions will also fund on the ground programs, meal preparation, water filtration and other activities at our local on the ground partners.


For more information about program specifics, check out a list of frequently asked questions, or email sponsorship@covechurch.org.





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