Jesus calls the church to reach all nations and people with the gospel and He used discipleship as the model to train and equip the original twelve Disciples. Growth Track is our intentional discipleship pathway designed to introduce, inspire, and invite everyone to be a part of the greatest mission of all time: being and making followers of Jesus.







You were designed to be a part of a church family, and that’s exactly what The Cove is...your family.

A healthy family has common beliefs, purposes, and commitment. That’s why we want to share with

you what we believe and where we’re going. This event is designed to be your starting point

with us here at The Cove. Register here at a campus near you.







Coming soon...

You are here on this Earth for a purpose and there is a reason for everything. So, what does this

all mean to be a Christian? To be a part of something bigger? Whether you are not sure about this

whole following Jesus or as a new believer trying to figure out the basics, Launch Point is designed

to help answer these questions and launch you towards next steps in your journey. 







You were made by God to do more than simply exist. You were made to thrive. No matter who you

are or where you are in the journey of life, you’ve been called to greater growth. Journey Point

has been designed to show you your purpose and the abundant life that God has specifically

created for you. 







Whether you realize it or not, you possess a unique blend of gifts and abilities that were handpicked

and gifted to you by God Himself. In this event, you’ll discover the powerful synergy of serving

with others while unlocking and refining your own God-given strengths and talents. 







Being a follower of Jesus isn’t just about what has happened, it’s about what is happening. It’s learning

to walk confidently and consistently through both the mountain tops and valleys of this journey

called life. Throughout Vissta Point, you will be equipped with the tools and truths you need to

truly go deeper in your walk with God and with those who journey beside you. 


























How to Baptize Someone

How to Lead Communion

How to Pray

Living the Great Commision

How to Share the Gospel

Being a Mentor

How to be United

Being in Community

Better Together

Share a Meal

Praising God



Being Generous











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