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Jesus calls the church to reach all nations and people with the gospel and He used discipleship as the model to train and equip the original twelve Disciples. Growth Track is our discipleship pathway designed to introduce, inspire, and invite everyone to be a part of the greatest mission of all time: being and making followers of Jesus.

You were designed to be a part of a church family, and that’s exactly what The Cove is…your family. A healthy family has common beliefs, purposes, and commitment. That’s why we want to share with you what we believe and where we’re going. This event is designed to be your starting point with us here at The Cove.

Acts Chapter 2

Discipleship Resources

How to baptize someone

We love celebrating baptisms at The Cove! When someone makes the decision to follow Jesus, you become a new creation. When you are baptized, it is a picture of your old life being gone and your new life beginning! You have an opportunity to play a role in this life changing experience.

How to lead communion

Communion is a symbolic way to show we belong to Jesus and to remember what He did for us. Lets be honest we can be forgetful, so it’s a regular remembrance and celebration of Jesus’ sacrificial death. You have an opportunity to play a role in this intimate experience.

How to pray

People pray for all sorts of reasons. Many often say that prayer is just talking to God as you would to anyone else. Saying that you can experience being a Christian in the way God intended without learning to pray is like saying you can be happily married or have a deep friendship without regular communication. You have an opportunity to take the lead in your prayer life and also to help someone else with theirs.

How to share the gospel

Life change. It all begins with a conversation. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most profound reality of life. But sharing the gospel with someone can be exhilarating for some and intimidating for others. No matter the circumstance when a relationship has been set up and the Holy Spirit creates passport between you and another… all you need to remember are three circles, three arrows, and nine words. You have an opportunity to take the lead and also to help someone else with this life changing story.

Sharing a meal

From the beginning with Adam and Eve and thru Jesus ministry and beyond with the early church. Sharing a meal and being in relationship was such a significant event. It is amazing to think of something as small a meal could have such a huge impact on our lives and growth. Check out this resource and then schedule a meal with someone and begin to develop this amazing habit and before you know it…it will be part of your everday lifestyle.

Being a mentor

Teaching creates students. Equipping prepares disciples. Making disciples is what the Great Commission is all about. Discipleship is possible by using the most successful discipling process of all time. It is a process Jesus, Paul and the early church used. A process simply called, “Mentoring”. You have an opportunity to play a role in this life changing experience.

Being in community

Scriptures give us an amazing image of why, how and what being in community looked like for Christians. After Jesus’ Death and resurrection, the early church where really “doing life together”. Imagine being able to experience sharing meals, being amazed about what God is doing among the group, real and genuine generosity, gathering at church and in homes, praising God for any and everything. Uhhh..Yes please…I would like some of that.


How to be united

We are all unique. From the time we are born until we take our last breath, we continue to shape who we are. Through this life long journey our paths will intersect with many others who are just as unique as we are. During these seasons we can agree, disagree, be aligned, and be out of sync. Though believers in Christ have differing cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, gifts, passions, personalities and experiences; God has called us to be unified in the faith.

Praising God

It is easy to recognize worship when we are singing praises at church or bowing our heads in prayer. But what about the rest of the time? How do we worship God amid mundane chores and daily activities? Check out this resource on how you can learn and lead that praising or worshiping God doesn’t just happen on Sunday…but every day of our lives.