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Whatever your gifts, talents, interests or personality, there is a place for you on the team! Whether you enjoy the spotlight or would rather be behind the scenes, there are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from. Each role is different but they are all equally important, and we are committed to helping you find your spot. Select an area of interest below and someone will be in touch soon.

Guest Services

Guest services create a welcoming environment for all of our guests, where barriers can be broken down and their hearts can be prepared to be introduced to Jesus, and experience His presence in our services.  Being a part of this team is showing love through a simple smile, cup of coffee, or helping a guest with their next step.

Our greeting teams serve on walkways, at doors, and throughout our atrium spaces.  Our greeters welcome our guests, get to know them by name, and help them become familiar with our facilities.  At the doors of our auditoriums, they also offer series specific programs and any additional inserts, to ensure our guests are prepared for the message and upcoming Next Steps.    

Coffee fosters positive energy and an atmosphere that helps prepare our guests for an enjoyable worship experience.  And we have the opportunity to provide it to our guests for free.  Our hospitality team ensures that our coffee area is ready for guests, continually keeps the area tidy and welcoming and takes the time to get to know our guests as they are in the hospitality areas at each of our campuses. 

Our ushers play a large role in making our guests feel comfortable in our auditorium spaces.  They prepare the environment before and between services, ensuring that our auditoriums are clean and welcoming. Once doors open, our ushers greet our guests and help them to find a seat. They continue to be prepared for guests who come throughout the service and helping those who need to leave our auditorium spaces during service.    

Parking is our first opportunity to make an impact on our guests. Our parking team isn’t just about cars, orange vests, and two-way radios. They are the first face of the Cove, the front line inviting guests to come and see what God has for them. The parking team’s priority is to help traffic enter and exit smoothly but more importantly to honor our guests and get them excited about The Cove Church. 

There is always a next step in our spiritual journey. At Next Steps, you partner with people by meeting them where they are in their spiritual journey and guiding them to their next step. Our job is to remove any potential barriers that may prevent an individual from taking that step through consistent, intentional and personalized relationships. 

Come join the Online Chat Team! This is a great opportunity to meet people from all around the United States and the world who watch online every week and/or are looking for a virtual church home. This is a unique serving opportunity where you not only greet, but also connect and share with others as the message unfolds online. If you love interacting with people online, and would like to serve from home, the Global Chat Team may be for you! Cove Online Campus | CoveChurch.TV 

Cove Kids

Cove Kids welcomes children ages 6 weeks through 5th grade. Each service will have a time of high-energy worship and age-appropriate video messages in large group settings, as well as small group discussions, and fun activities to help them learn how to apply the Bible to their everyday lives. Fun brings them, love keeps them, and learning changes them. In Cove Kids, we believe in partnering with parents to help children thrive in their evolving walk with Jesus. 

Provides a safe and loving environment for the youngest Cove Kids. If you love rocking and playing with little ones, this serving position is for you. It takes a nurturing, patient and loving personality to fulfill this position.  

(2-year-olds through 5th grade)

A small group leader builds relationships with the children from the time they step into the room. You will lead through activities and discussions, and help children apply the lesson from the Bible to their everyday lives. All small group leaders must enjoy working with children and maintain an encouraging and patient attitude. 

(6th grade – 17 years old)

A student team member builds relationships with the children from the time they step into the room. You will assist small group leader through activities and discussions, and help children apply the lesson from the Bible to their everyday lives. All student team members must enjoy working with children and maintain an encouraging and patient attitude. 

These team members welcome our Cove Kids families and help new families through the check-in process. You will be the first smiling face our families see as you greet or help them check in to Cove Kids. 

Set up team members assist in preparing the Cove Kids environments for the weekly services. This team meets during the week, providing an awesome time of fellowship with others while preparing fun, safe environments for our weekend programming. 

Help us maintain a safe and fun environment for our kids. Bring your smiles, your attention to detail, and be ready for lots of high fives! Our safety team is appreciated by our kids and adults alike. 


The Cove Church hosts a variety of Care Groups and has multiple Care Teams designed to help people find God’s help in the midst of the struggles, trials, and tragedies. You don’t have to go through this life alone. Learn more about Care Groups below, and join us as we work toward restoration and healing through the wisdom and power of God. 


Your opportunity to invite guests into a warm and welcoming environment. Also, help with dinner set-up/clean up. 


Help facilitate support groups, including Celebrate Recovery, DivorceCare, and GriefShare; other groups might include Single and Parenting, Cancer Companions, and Mental Health Care, as we have interest.

Build relationships with children with encouragement and interaction! Celebration Place is designed to inspire kids with hope while they learn to rely on God. 

Provides a safe and loving environment for the youngest in attendance. 

The Care Team supplements the care provided by various groups with elements of care that are not expected of small group members. Such elements include: To petition, intercede, and give thanks to God for people, their prayer requests, and for The Cove staff, leaders, and the ministries of The Cove Church. Also, can include performing weddings; officiating at funerals; making hospital visits in critical situations or when a loved one has passed away; providing premarital classes, offering Biblical guidance; and assisting in peacemaking.

Weekend Operations

Our Weekday Operations Team plays a vital role in the organization and preparation of our weekend services. No matter your availability in time, serving during the week enables us to complete all the tasks leading up to “Introducing our friends to Jesus”. 

-Mooresville Campus only-

This team helps with a variety of needed tasks during the week with craft, game, and curriculum prep. You will enjoy a great time of fellowship with other team members while helping us prepare fun and safe environments for our weekend programming. 

Help prepare service materials and events on Wednesday morning at 9:00am. 

This team meets on Saturday morning and begins with a Life Group study, followed by serving together around our campus facility.  

Provide administrative support and data entry. 

Cove Students

Cove Students invites 6th through 12th-graders to an experience created specifically for them. There, they will make friends, have fun, hang out, explore what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, and be exactly who He has made them to be. During each service, they will experience a time of high-energy worship, hear a great message, and participate in small groups to help them focus on God and reenergize for the week ahead. 

This is one of the most influential roles you can serve in with Cove Students. You get to invest in students by leading a small group discussion about the message and get to know them by talking to them about their lives. 

No experience needed! Help run graphics, lyrics, stage games, and sound!  

Help us ensure students safety. This team patrols the building, parking lot, bathrooms, and everything in between! This team provides additional safety for student events while building relationships with students and other volunteers. 

Greet students as the walk through the door! Help them get connected and help them check-in. Your words of welcome and your smile will have a huge impact on the students who walk through our doors. 

You get an opportunity to serve alongside students as well as some of our worship staff. 

This team helps serve food to our teenagers… their favorite part! This team also helps make sure the building stays clean through the event. You will also help students feel seen and connected, learning to call them by name as they grab a slice of pizza. 

You will be the first smiling face students and parents see as you help park and directing traffic! This team also helps get information to parents (with various handouts), and helps the safety team patrol the lot! 


Our Creative Team helps introduce our friends to Jesus through visual content and experiences. No matter if you are walking through the doors for service, watching online, or scrolling through our social media channels, this team collaborates to represent who The Cove Church is.

If you have a passion for graphic design, this is the team for you. There are many weekly projects, as well as long-term projects, this team works on. Everything you see visually at The Cove comes through this team.   

Do you have a gift for taking photos? If you do, we would love to have you join this team! Each weekend, at all our physical locations, we have Photography Team Members who capture the life of our church. These photos are then used on print pieces, digital marketing, and social media.  

Are you a videographer who loves telling amazing stories? Then come join this team! When our guests and members experience life-change, we want to capture that story and share it with others. We show these videos in services and on social media. 

We live in a digital world. Social media is our primary way of keeping our church members and guests informed on what is coming up, as well as providing encouragement and showing who Jesus is. If you are great at organization, collaboration, copy writing, and creating content, we would love to hear from you! 


The role of the Worship Team is to lead our congregation in authentic praise and worship. We exist to surrender our musical giftings as an offering unto the Lord. We strive to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and usher our congregations into the presence of God within our weekly services as we carry out the vision of our church.



Our adult Worship Team serves our Sunday services across all four campuses! While everyone has a “Home Campus” they primarily serve at, we are  one large musical family!


  • MVL Campus – Three Services
  • SVL Campus – Two Services
  • SBY Campus – Two Services
  • DVR Campus – Two Services


We are always welcoming new team members! We have an audition process as well as onboarding and development opportunities that care for our volunteers and makes sure the feel ready and equipped for Sunday mornings!

Vocalists should have the ability to replicate melodies and harmonies based on recordings, be comfortable on stage, and willing to memorize parts each time they serve.

Musicians should have the ability to replicate parts based on recordings and resources we provide. They will need to be willing to memorize music as we do not use music stands on stage.

We are developing our Student Bands to help bring the Worship experience into our Wednesday night services! We have an audition process as well as onboarding and development opportunities that care for our Student Team to make sure the feel ready and equipped for Wednesday Nights!  

Love kids? Love to Worship? Want to pour into young worshippers and show them what it looks like to worship Jesus through music? Come help us lead worship in our Cove Kids classes! You don’t have to be a rock star! Just a LITTLE musical and A LOT passionate!


Our Production Team exists to create a space where people can encounter the Presence of God. Through our lighting sets, video elements, and audio standards, we strive to make sure people can worship and hear the Word without any distractions. Whether someone is in our Mooresville Campus, watching online, or streaming from one of our other campuses, this team works together to Introduce our friends to Jesus, Learn to follow Him, and Celebrate His Presence in our lives! 

The Audio Engineer position is for those who have a ear for detail! Working alongside the worship team to create a sound that takes energy and passion happening on stage and fills the room with it.

Our services are streamed online and shared across our campuses and our camera operators help make that happen! By manning our stationary and mobile cameras we immerse people in what’s happening in the room no matter where they are joining us from.

The Graphic Operator serves the church by making sure everything that needs to be on the screens is up! Whether lyrics for the congregation and worship team, or sermon elements for the message, graphics are a crucial part of every weekend.

If you have an eye for creativity – this is the spot for you! Our lighting operators help set the environment during the worship service by supplementing the songs and praise with different lighting elements.

The stage manger is someone who has great attention to detail, likes to help things flow and work well together. As stage manager you make sure people are on stage when they need to be, with all the elements necessary, and help make sure the service flows well.

The video switcher takes what the camera operators are seeing and puts it together for the rest of us in the room. By following the Directors call for shots, the video switcher will switch between camera shots to create a seamless experience for everyone in the room and online.