Divorce Care

You may feel that no one understands the pain your separation or divorce has caused you, your family, or your friends. That’s the reason for DivorceCare. It’s a Care Group facilitated by people who understand what you are experiencing. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life.


Next group meeting TBD. Check back here for updates. Please use this link to find a group meeting near you. 

What to expect

Each DivorceCare session includes a video featuring top experts on separation and divorce subjects, and the real life stories of people who have experiences like yours. After viewing the video, you’ll participate in a small group discussion about that day’s topic. 


You’ll also be able to interact with others to learn about their experiences and have the opportunity to share your own. You are welcome to begin attending a DivorceCare group at any session. Each session is “self-contained,” so that you do not have to attend in sequence. You will find encouragement and help whenever you begin.


Celebration Place

This resource is for children ages Kindergarten through 5th Grade whose parent(s) or guardian(s) are attending an adult group. Celebration Place is designed to inspire kids with hope, joy and happiness while they learn to rely on God. 

Children 6 weeks through Pre-K

In addition to Celebration Place, we offer a program for infants, toddlers and preschool children whose parent(s) or guardian(s) are attending an adult group.


Mooresville Campus
Light Dinner • 6:00 pm

Tuesday Nights • 6:30 – 8:30 pm

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