Sponsorship Program


You can make an eternal difference in the lives of children and families across the globe through Cove sponsorship. Through this program, you’ll be a part of providing the resources, tools, and mentors needed to succeed, and ultimately change the trajectory of lives.


The program focuses on three key areas: Jesus, health, and education. This not only breaks the chain of poverty and addresses physical needs; but builds self-esteem, bringing hope into the lives of children and families, and transforming communities.


As a sponsor, you’ll be personally connected with a child or family who will know your name and feel the support they need to achieve their goals.


For more information about program specifics, email sponsorship@covechurch.org.

Child sponsorship  
Thembi's Story


Thembi's mother died when she was young. She never used to talk or smile. Through sponsorship, we provided Thembi with professional counseling, support after her  traumatic loss, and covered life's basic needs. Thembi now talks and laughs like every child should, and feels the love and support of her




The Abelrahaman Family


Sakina, her husband, and three children are all Sudanese refugees. They've been living in Egypt for less than a year. Because he is searching for work her husband, Bakrey, is unable to be home with his family. Their children (ages 9, 2 and 4) are unable to attend school because they can't afford the fees.



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